18 décembre 2006

Versified charms answer to a prayer

Adi Sichuk had been living in Plantation for three years, having relocated from Israel. She was concerned about finding a job here and had questions about her future.

So, on her 35th birthday, while on a trip back to Israel for Rosh Hashana, she made an appointment with Talik Gvilli, a well-known businesswoman and sought-after psychic. Sichuk wanted answers about her life in Florida and in a prophetic irony, after her reading, Gvilli asked if she would be interested in serving as the representative for a new line of jewelry.

''I went to Talik in need of a job. Now I have one,'' said Sichuk. ``It seemed like a good sign.''

Now, six weeks later, she is busy making the rounds at local Hanukkah bazaars in South Florida temples, selling Meaningful Jewelry.

Made in Israel, the line offers 15 different inscriptions on charms that can be worn as pendants, necklaces, on a key ring or on a clip for a baby stroller. The phrases, taken from the Bible, offer blessings for health, finding a mate, success, becoming pregnant and for protection of loved ones. The jewelry is blessed by rabbis at the Western Wall, and a portion of the money is donated to charity.

Some of the inscriptions: ''The Lord bless you, my daughter'' -- Ruth 3:10, which asks that a woman will find a partner; ''Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm'' -- Song of Songs 8:6, which asks for help in making a relationship stronger; ''The Angel who has delivered me from all harm, may he bless these boys'' -- Genesis 48:16, which asks for the protection of children; and ''He listened to her and opened her womb'' -- Genesis 30:23, which asks for fertility.

''In the six weeks I've been working, I've already sold 54 pieces,'' said Sichuk. ``The jewelry is a really unique gift for Hanukkah, and people find the correct verse for their life, for their prayers.''

The pieces are engraved in Hebrew and accompanied by a card that translates the verse to English, explains its meaning and instructs the wearer how many times to recite the accompanying prayer.

Gvilli said she created the jewelry to help people bring more blessings into their lives.

Years ago, after she failed her driving test, a man saw her crying and gave her a note with the sentence, ''Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path,'' Psalms 119:105. The verse asks for success in taking exams. She was instructed to repeat the verse seven times before her next test. She did -- and passed.

The host of a weekly radio show, people call Gvilli for advice. A student called to say he was nervous about a big test. She shared the verse with the student; he too passed. Inspired, Gvilli went to a rabbi, who gave her 362 Bible verses that she narrowed down to 15 for the charms.

Each piece is silver or 14K plated gold and costs $95.

''The words on the charm help to fortify the intent or desire -- with the written word, the intent is clear,'' said Sichuk.

Of course, there are no guarantees that Meaningful Jewelry will bring about good fortune. But many who have purchased the charms feel good about wearing them.

''I wear the one that asks for protection of my children,'' said Plantation resident Yarni Poland, who has two young sons. ``I thought it was so pretty and I liked the idea that wearing it might help to keep my kids safe. It can't hurt!''

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